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According to security companies, it’s been found that the favored robot video transferer offers faux creatives and restricted purchases from users.

With nearly forty million users, Snap tube permits users to download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, and alternative massive video groups.


The app developed in China isn’t on Google Play, because the app developer claims that Google doesn’t permit the video download tool within the store. Some third-party app stores estimate that Snap tube has been downloaded over a billion times now. 

The software system developer says the app will be used “safely.” However, researchers at London-based security company Upstream, that shares its distinctive findings with TechCrunch, say the free app can hurt users.

corporate executive Guy temporary has filed hidden ads that are printed slowly while not the user’s information and software system developers are generating revenue because of mobile information usage and battery life. Pp conjointly uses this click technique to receive the foremost important damage that users don’t need.

Krief same the sole indication that the user’s device might be employed in this manner is to extend the mobile phone’s data consumption, the device heats up and therefore the battery dies. i think it’s known as the alleged third-party development code (SDK). 

Mango is additionally utilized by Vidmate, an identical video transfer app suspect of advertising fraud, and 4shared, a cloud storage app. In this advertising campaign, he was dishonorable and used chains to twist and shut to cover his work.


Mangos are terribly popular, says Kiev. we have a tendency to use a similar code and are silent concerning the amount of ads, “he same on the phone. 2 months later, a similar criticism continued on the Snap tube app.


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